SpaceMouse® Enterprise

CAD professionals require that the equipment they use every day must have high performance. SpaceMouse® Enterprise is the core tool necessary for any engineering team or architectural design company to work effectively.

​Advantages of SpaceMouse®

SpaceMouse Wireless

With SpaceMouse® Enterprise’s six degrees of freedom (6DoF) sensor and instant access to standard and custom quick views, you can view 3D models more easily than ever.
Gently manipulate the control cap to perform 3D navigation smoothly and intuitively, and click a button at the same time to immediately position the model to the standard view angle you choose. The three new custom quick view keys are unique to SpaceMouse® Enterprise, creating an unparalleled 3D navigation experience.

Fast and effective 3D modeling

With just one tap, you can use 12 of your most commonly used application commands to do whatever you want. Because SpaceMouse® Enterprise’s smart function keys are automatically updated as the application or environment changes, the right tools are always at your fingertips.
SpaceMouse® Enterprise’s new high-definition display will present the command settings of the function keys with the actual icons in the application 1, allowing you to operate the familiar toolbar with your fingertips. The simple and powerful 3DxWare 10 user interface helps you easily assign commands to keys.

Ergonomics redefine

The ergonomics of 3Dconnexion SpaceMouse® Enterprise has been optimized to the extreme. It has a full-size wrist pad that provides maximum comfort and a full set of keyboard replacement keys, which simplifies the workflow and helps users reduce finger movements by as much as 28.6% per hour.
The combination of various functions of SpaceMouse® Enterprise creates an environment that can improve work performance by as much as 28%.