CadMouse Pro Wireless Left

Professional-grade ergonomics and precision in the left body

CadMouse Pro Wireless is a full-size mouse designed for design professionals. Excellent ergonomic design, dedicated middle mouse button, high-resolution optical sensor, battery life of up to three months* and durability of 50 million clicks, CadMouse Pro Wireless is the core of professional 2D and 3D CAD software Design Tools.

​Advantage of CadMouse Pro Wireless Left

Advanced ergonomic design

The left-hand version of CadMouse Pro Wireless provides left-handed users with a CAD tool specially designed for them. Its excellent ergonomic design also provides a left-hand transition for right-handed people to reduce or avoid frequent hands and fingers strain injury (RSI) caused by wrist movement.

The natural extension of the hand

The combination of ergonomic design and intelligent software creates an all-in-one workflow that you can feel on a full-size mouse.


2D and 3D CAD users click the mouse tens of thousands of times a day. CadMouse Pro Wireless’s buttons are designed based on more than 50 million clicks, meeting the mechanical life expectancy of high-quality CAD products by professionals. The low-friction and wear-resistant PTFE foot pads make CadMouse Pro Wireless move more smoothly and accurately than ordinary mice. The three-year warranty plus its durable design means that CAD experts will get years of high-quality design methods on CadMouse Pro Wireless.

High precision, high performance

The combination of precision optical sensors, high adaptive polling rate and specially developed PTFE foot pads creates a highly precise control experience. CadMouse Pro Wireless is like a natural extension of every movement of CAD users. This immediacy and accuracy are maintained when using its rechargeable lithium polymer battery, providing up to 3 months of worry-free wireless use* between charges.

Three connection methods

It can be used via low energy Bluetooth 4.0, 3Dconnexion Universal Receiver or cable. No matter where you are, the left-hand version of CadMouse Pro Wireless always gives you a convenient way to connect.

Professional scrolling and zooming methods in design software

Professional users need precise frame-by-frame zooming in design software and fast scrolling in documents and browsers. Thanks to the improved 3DxWare 10 driver, the convenient QuickZoom buttons and the advanced smart mouse wheel 2, users will experience detailed control over drawings and 3D models, as well as easy document navigation to meet all needs.

Smart mouse wheel 2

Adjustable smart scrolling speed and inertial scrolling of files and browsers is the best way to browse multi-page files, and you can quickly find specific pages.


The QuickZoom function is easy to use. Press the thumb button to zoom the model or drawing at the cursor position, and keep pressing it to fine-tune the zoom level.

Easily call application commands

Click the gesture button behind the smart scroll wheel to open an application or environment-specific radial menu, allowing users to access their favorite commands with a simple mouse gesture. The 3DxWare 10 driver allows users to customize the radial menu of each design software.

Includes customized portable case

Designed and tested by the 3Dconnexion laboratory, the compact, lightweight and semi-rigid portable case allows you to easily protect the left-hand version of your CadMouse Pro Wireless while on the move.