CadMouse Compact

CadMouse Compact is the ultimate wired mouse specially crafted for engineering design professionals. Its compact shape can satisfy professionals’ preference for choosing a mouse based on palm size and gripping method. Although this mouse is compact, it retains our refined and precise technology. It is very suitable for people who need the mouse to move faster and more agile due to frequent switching of the environment.

Advantage of CadMouse Compact Wireless

Compact ergonomic design

3Dconnexion encountered a challenge when designing this mouse, which was to introduce a dedicated middle button on the compact body to reduce the trigger pressure by up to four times. Compared with the scroll wheel on a traditional mouse, this mouse clicks more finely, more accurately, and uses less force. This reduces the discomfort of muscles and tendons that are often encountered during long hours of work.


The design of the mouse button has reached more than 50 million clicks. It is designed with the highest quality durable materials and components for a longer lifespan. Coupled with its durable design, this means that CAD professionals can enjoy a high-quality experience with greater confidence.

High precision

This mouse is known for its refined precision technology, which can achieve reliable and stable pointer control at all times without being affected by hand movement. A high-resolution optical sensor with 7200 dpi and a polling rate of up to 1000 Hz can guarantee zero smoothing correction, acceleration or filtering, and support each project to produce high-quality results. Thanks to the synergy between the mouse foot made of polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) and the CadMouse Pad, an ideal balance between static and dynamic friction is achieved, thereby providing users with the best accuracy.

Professional scrolling and zooming methods in design software

Professional users need precise frame-by-frame zooming in design software and fast scrolling in documents and browsers. Thanks to the improved 3DxWare 10 driver, the convenient QuickZoom buttons and the advanced smart mouse wheel 2, users will experience detailed control over drawings and 3D models, as well as easy document navigation to meet all needs.

Smart Mouse Wheel 2

This function can provide a variety of advanced scrolling modes according to the usage environment, which can change the scrolling behavior according to the software used to ensure more precise control. The Tick-to-Tick function dedicated to CAD allows users to zoom in and out of models and drawings extremely smoothly. For other applications, the wheel provides reliable scrolling functions and can quickly skip very large documents or lengthy web pages.


This function allows to zoom in and out of models and drawings with extremely high precision, while automatically centering the drawings to the position of the cursor. Press the thumb button to zoom in or zoom out the cursor position; continue to hold down the corresponding button to fine-tune the zoom level.

Easy access to the most commonly used commands

The Top Button can open a specific application or use environment-specific Radial Menu. The menu is controlled by mouse gestures and can be customized. It allows users to quickly access their frequently used mouse gestures through a convenient mouse gesture command.
3Dconnexion CadMouse can help your CAD work achieve maximum results and avoid unnecessary mouse clicks.

A driver. Multiple devices

3DxWare 10 is a universal driver for all 3Dconnexion devices. The easy-to-use and powerful interface allows you to easily customize 3Dconnexion products.