CadMouse Compact Wireless

​This lightweight and sensitive mouse is specially crafted for engineering design professionals to satisfy their preference for a device that is small in size and particularly suitable for mobile office. This wireless mouse adopts advanced ergonomic design, superior comfort and a redesigned mouse wheel to ensure ideal sensitivity, responsiveness and precise control performance, providing a smooth professional experience.

Advantage of CadMouse Compact Wireless

Compact ergonomic design

Modern engineering and mobile workplaces require powerful and portable equipment. With the new CadMouse Compact Wireless, you can enjoy CAD-based designs in a small and compact wireless mouse, such as a dedicated mouse middle button and smart scroll wheel.

Long-term work can still maintain engineering accuracy

The high-precision energy-saving optical sensor ensures that you can move the mouse cursor as you like. It has a resolution of 7200 DPI, an adaptive wireless transmission rate of up to 250Hz (1000Hz when connected via USB), it can work continuously for up to 3 months after a single charge, and it has both performance and energy saving.

Three unmatched connection methods

Only when using CadMouse Compact Wireless, you can freely choose from three connection methods and switch easily: use a universal receiver, Bluetooth to work wirelessly, or use a USB cable to connect to work, and you can charge the lithium battery while processing data.
Up to 5 3Dconnexion wireless products can be connected to a small USB receiver such as 3Dconnexion Universal Receiver.

Realize professional zoom and scroll manipulation in CAD Smart scroll

The smart scrolling function recognizes the type of application you are using and automatically matches the appropriate scrolling method: provides precise frame-by-frame zoom in CAD applications, and provides fast scrolling with inertial effects in browsers and documents.
​QuickZoom simply click the thumb button to easily zoom in and out of the geometry. Press and hold this button to fine-tune the zoom ratio.

Easy access to application commands

Using the gesture keys, you can open the circular menu of the set application or environment, and use the menu to quickly call your most commonly used application commands. Simply slide the cursor or click the mouse to initiate these commands.

Easy and precise

CadMouse Wireless has an optimized PTFE foot patch that achieves a perfect balance between static and dynamic friction, resulting in a constant reaction force. Its shape also helps to absorb shock. Use with CadMouse Pad to give full play to its best performance.

Comes with a customized carrying case

When you are in a mobile office, you will frequently change locations, so you need to protect your mobile devices. Our CadMouse Compact Wireless comes with a small, lightweight carrying case.

A driver. Multiple devices.

3DxWare 10 is a universal driver for all 3Dconnexion devices. The easy-to-use and powerful interface allows you to easily customize 3Dconnexion products.